A 168澳洲幸运5开奖官方网站 澳洲5线上查询开奖号码结果(今日最新) digital workplace for cure and care

Support healthcare professionals in their day-to-day activities, allowing them to deliver more efficient and coordinated care.
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  • Digital Government Solutions
  • Education Solutions
  • Energy and Utilities Solutions
  • Healthcare Solutions
  • Transportation Solutions
Digital government: public-sector solutions
Digital government solutions connect communities and agencies to support digital transformation in the public sector.
Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise digital government solutions will help you provide a connected, secure experience for citizens, connected and sustainable cities, and next generation public safety.
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Build education solutions with smart classroom technologies
Empower student success with classroom technologies and education solutions for reliable communication and collaboration.
Schools that digitally transform thrive. Classroom technologies and education solutions actively engage students and teachers and deliver personalised digital learning experiences for student success. It begins with a reliable, secure network that supports your smart campus and its evolving needs.
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Energy and Utilities
From connected to smart energy and utilities solutions
We enable smarter, safer and greener energy and utilities solutions for your customers and operations.
Discover how our energy and utilities solutions are helping operators increase safety and security, improve efficiency, and enhance customer engagement.
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Healthcare solutions for digital age care providers
ALE’s healthcare solutions connect patients, staff, devices, processes and facilities efficiently, securely and in compliance with privacy laws.
Innovations in Healthcare and IT technologies prepare care providers to deliver a revolutionary connected digital experience to their staff and patients. Digital transformation enables ubiquitous access to quality care for all, simplifying day-to-day operations through connectivity.
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From connected to smart transportation 4.0
We connect rail, air, ITS, ports and logistics subsystems to enable smarter transportation solutions for your customers.
Innovative digital transformation enables operators to move from connected to smart transportation in a secure and sustainable way.
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Build strong foundations for a secure network

Building a secure digital age network environment to protect data is vital.

Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise guarantees its solutions are secure using a multi-faceted approach, securing every layer of the network.

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We make 2024澳洲幸运5官网查询开奖记录 历史结果 视频直播 everything connect by delivering 澳洲幸运5最新官方开奖结果号码 technology that works for you

Our vision is to deliver the customised technology experiences our customers need.

Our mission is to make everything connect by delivering digital age networking, communications and cloud solutions with services tailored for your business success. In the Cloud. On Premises. Hybrid.

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Business Continuity

Supply chain resilience and business adaptability

Strategic supply chain resilience and business adaptability to thrive in the face of adversity

Business Continuity

168正规官方平台 Solve 澳洲幸运5 education challenges with 开奖结果_历史记录_视频直播 a modern campus network

A modern campus network helps streamline operations, reduce costs, and offers a safe and caring place to work and study.

Business Continuity

Revitalise education with a modern campus network

A modern, campus-wide network upgrade aligns capabilities with academic, research and business priorities today and tomorrow. 

Business Continuity

Education today: Why modernising campus networks is a must

Educational institutions worldwide must modernise their networks to meet today’s new requirements.

a field worker fixing a power line
Energy and Utilities

Communications empower energy and utilities field workers

Real-time solutions on mobiles, with cloud-based apps, aid field service management in minimizing operational risks.

Energy and utilities operations control centre blog main image
Energy and Utilities

A smarter Operations Control Centre for energy and utilities

Next-generation Operations Control Centre (OCC) will enable mission-critical communications to improve safety and efficiency.

A Woman looking at a laptop
Business Continuity

The upside of disruption: Implement a business intelligence…

Abiding by our values and implementing a proactive business intelligence approach were critical to surviving VUCA. 

Our latest News

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